How do you get HK-47?


HK-47 can join your party if you purchase him from Yuka Laka, the Ithorian proprietor of the droid shop in Anchorhead on Tatooine. You can then speak to him at any time when he is added to your party or you’re aboard the Ebon Hawk, where you’ll find him in the Swoop Hangar with Canderous.

Similarly, it is asked, do you have to buy HK-47?

re: how do u get hk47

On Tatooine, you have to buy him from the robot merchant in a shop next to the gate to the desert. He costs 5000 credits, but you can get it down to 2500 credits.

Subsequently, question is, how much does it cost to fix HK-47? The magic number is 17 Repair to fully repair him, so If you pick HK47 up before the Leviathan, and given you buy Calrissian’s Utility Belt from a merchant on Dantooine before the planet is rendered inaccessible, you’ll need a minimum of 13 ranks with an INT of 8 (-1 to repair), 12 if you kill Gadon Thek on Taris and

Consequently, is HK-47 Still Alive?

Although the spacers succeeded in doing so after a long battle against HK47’s elite droids, once they returned to Milo Mensix for their reward, they received a message from HK47, explaining that he was, in fact, still alive.

How do you get HK in swtor?

You need to be level 50 and go to Belsavis and enter the new daily area called Section X. The moment you disembark from the shuttle there will be a droid with a quest – he starts your HK-51 quest.

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Should I kill the Gizka?

It doesn’t cause you any harm just to live with it. There’s an optional sidequest that allows you to make a few credits and offload the gizka at the same time. However, the reward is pretty minor, so don’t worry too much about it. You can either kill them, give them to a guy on Manaan or keep them.

How do I upgrade HK-47?

Everything worth knowing about upgrading HK-47:
  1. As has been said, you need a total of 17 in Repair to fully upgrade HK47, but it doesn’t matter how you get there
  2. The max +INT you can gain from gear/powers is +6: +1 from an implant, and +5 from the Master Valor power, so that’s a total of +3 to Repair.

How do I get rid of Gizka?

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the gizka can be eliminated on board the Ebon Hawk using a pellet called Gizka poison. This poison can be obtained from various traders, most notably the alien trader at the Tatooine dock.

How do you win swoop races?

I found the best and easiest way to win a swoop race (so far I’ve won the three tiers on Tatooine) is to keep hitting the A button as fast as you can.

Regardless, you’ll still have plenty of power to win.

  1. The cardinal rule is: don’t hit the obstacles on the track.
  2. There are 5 gears.

How do I get credits in Kotor?

How to get free money in KOTOR:
  1. Get the Ebon Hawk.
  2. Land on Tatooine.
  3. Sell all your computer spikes to the merchant that’s right in the landing area there.
  4. Go back on board, and talk to T3M4, he should be in the middle area with Zaalbar.
  5. Do step 4 ten more times.
  6. Sell your 11 free spikes for 60 credits each.

Is HK-47 a cannon?

HK is not canon.

Is Darth Revan canon?

Disney has introduced an ancient Sith by the name of Revan, but so far, there is no indicator that the name in Disney’s canon has any connection to the character from the Knights of the Old Republic. For some reason, Disney has been slow to reintroduce characters from the Old Republic era into canon.

What kind of Droid is zero from the Mandalorian?

Q9-0, nicknamed Zero and Z by his colleagues, was a bug-eyed protocol droid with modified programming, operating with precision timing.

Is Kotor canon?

For most fans, the Star Wars films and TV shows are what matter most. And then, perhaps the most dedicated, are the fans of Knights of the Old Republic, a video game saga better known as KOTOR. It’s an aspect of distant Star Wars history that is mostly non-canon that remains very much beloved.

Who voiced HK-47?

Kristoffer Tabori

Where was hk47 built?

The HK Manufacturing Plant was a factory located underneath the Telos Military Base.

Do I need to repair HK-47?

You can use HK47 freely without any repair though, repair just gives extra conversations and stat boosts for him. You must do it with your main character because it is done through dialogue options.

Is HK-47 worth it Kotor?

Top Voted Answer. HK47 is one of the characters that makes this game awesome. If you don’t get him you are missing out. More games need robots that call people meatbags.

Where can I find gadon in Kotor?

Located in the Lower City of the planet Taris, it was run by Gadon Thek by 3956 BBY. The base contained a large central room and several areas restricted to visitors, including a room connected to the main base by an elevator in which Gadon made his quarters.

How do I get Calrissian’s utility belt?

It’s the merchant in the little garage thing beside the Ebon Hawk? As far as I’m aware, this is the only place you can get it.

How do I fix my Tanis Droid?

Trapped Tanis

His wife has set a trap for him and he can’t leave the circle of droids until they’re repaired. One wrong move and they will blow up. You can either repair the droids by using repair parts or doing it manually. Doing it manually gives more XP and you won’t lose any of your precious repair parts.

Is getting HK-51 worth it?

Yes. It’s great content and you will love him as a companion.

How do I get my HK 55 back?

You get HK55 back as a companion by being a subscriber by a certain point, which will unlock an Alliance Alert you can do to get HK55 back. That point in time has already passed and you will not get HK55 back unless you were eligible for that particular subscription reward.

How long does it take to get HK-51?

Two days or 4 hours in total. It’s about persistence really, not very hard and HK51 is well worth the effort. luck, not persistence. For actual questing time, only a few hours to find the parts.

How do you unlock HK-51?

Once you have obtained HK51 on any character in your Legacy, you will unlock the ability to purchase a HK51 series droid as a companion on your other characters, either by paying Credits or Cartel Coins. You can find this option in the Character Perks section of your Legacy panel (press Y to open).

How do you beat HK-47 in swtor?

One strategy for destroying the panels, before Hk47 charges up, is to have your tank taunt the adds as soon as they spawn. The tank will then circle the housing quickly destroying the panels while the rest of the party destroys the adds.

Where is the outlaw’s den on Tatooine?

Outlaw’s Den is a free-for-all PvP area located south of Outpost Salara and east-northeast of Outpost Zaroshe on Tatooine.

How do you unlock characters in HK-51?

Once you have obtained HK51 on any character in your Legacy, you will unlock the ability to purchase a HK51 series droid as a companion on your other characters, either by paying Credits or Cartel Coins. You can find this option in the Character Perks section of your Legacy panel (press Y to open).

Where is the false emperor Flashpoint?

Location. Located on Ilum, on the lower level of the base, near the Cantina.


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