What is the difference between thana and upazila?

As nouns the difference between thana and upazila

is that thana is an indian military outpost while upazila is after divisions and districts, the third largest adminsitrative division in bangladesh.

Considering this, how many thana and upazila are there in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has 491 upazilas (as of 9 January 2017). The upazilas are the second lowest tier of regional administration in Bangladesh. The administrative structure consists in fact in Divisions (8), Districts (64) and Upazila (491). Upazilas were formerly known as thana which literally means police station.

Secondly, how many thana are there in Rangamati? Subdivisions. The district of Rangamati consists of 10 upazilas, 1 municipality (9 wards and 35 mahallas), 50 union parishads, 162 mouzas and 1347 villages.

In this regard, what is Kotwali thana?

Thana‘ means a police station. ‘Kotwali‘ is a term that has a historical connotation.

How many thana are there in Mirpur?

Mirpur thana was established in 1962. The thana consists of one union porishod, eight wards, 11 mouzas and 86 and 20 villages. Mirpur Thana (town) area was included in Keraniganj Thana during the British period (1757 to 1947) and in Tejgaon Thana during the Pakistan period (1947 to 1971).

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Which is the biggest upazila in Bangladesh?

Shyamnagar is the largest thana of Bangladesh.

What does upazila mean?

Upazila (Bengali: ??????, lit. ‘sub-district’ pronounced: upôjela), formerly called thana, is an administrative region in Bangladesh. They function as sub-units of districts. Their functionality can be seen to be analogous to that of a county or a borough of Western countries.

What is PS in Bangladesh?

= Post Office, P.S. = Police Station.

What is the percentage of education in Bangladesh?

Education in Bangladesh
Ministry of Education Ministry of Primary and Mass Education
Total 72.89%
Male 75.69%
Female 70.09%

Who is the head of Thana?

The head of a police station is called as Station House Officer [SHO]. A police officer of the rank of Sub Inspector is the SHO in rural areas and towns in India. In the big cities, a police officer of the rank of Circle Inspector [also called as Police Inspector] is appointed as the SHO.

What is the old name of Rangamati?

Rangamati (Bengali: ????????) is the administrative headquarters of Rangamati Hill District in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. It is also a capital city of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The town is located at 22°37’60N 92°12’0E and has an altitude of 14 metres (46 ft).

Is Mohammadpur Dhaka North or South?

Geography. Mohammadpur is at23.7542°N 90.3625°E. Mohammadpur borders Shyamoli and Adabor Thana on the north, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar on the east and Dhanmondi and Hazaribagh thanas on the south.

Is Mirpur in Kashmir?

Mirpur district (??? ??? ???) is a district in Azad Kashmir. The district is named after the main city, Mirpur. The district of Mirpur has a population of 456,200 and covers an area of 1,010 km2 (390 sq mi). The district is mainly mountainous with some plains.

Who is Thana?

Definition of thana. 1 : a military post in India during the British occupation. 2 : an Indian police station : police division serving as a unit of Indian local administration.

How many thana are there in Dhaka?

The district consists of 46 upazilas/thanas, 86 unions, 974 mauzas, 1999 villages, 2 City Corporations, 92 City Wards, 855 City Mahallas, 3 paurashavas, 27 wards and 133 mahallas. The five upazilas in Dhaka district are: Dhamrai Upazila, suburuban and rural.


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